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The Doula business is not merely a conventional business; it is a heartfelt calling. Our purpose is not to simply produce doulas; rather, we ignite curiosity and passion for the world of birth and postpartum, empowering individuals to embrace the title of a doula. We provide guidance on how to embark on a successful doula business and gain invaluable experience. Our involvement and support extend far beyond the training itself.

We approach the concept of birth with a down-to-earth perspective, acknowledging both societal perceptions and the medical system, while emphasizing the significance of honoring true physiological birth. We offer strategies on how to navigate the medical system harmoniously, positively impacting families' experiences and fostering the growth of your business. Our aim is to equip you with the guidance and tools needed to become not only a doula but also an entrepreneur. Doulas will learn how to immerse themselves in the world of birth and postpartum, establishing their business and achieving success.

We are not here to be a distant entity behind your business or to continuously collect fees. We strive to simplify the process because the reality is that you shape the doula you become. Our purpose is to build a robust community that collectively makes a difference in the world of birth.


The initial step of the HFD Training program spans two full days, typically scheduled over a weekend.

During this phase, aspiring doulas will acquire fundamental knowledge about pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period, as well as gain insights into effectively supporting families throughout their journey. Additionally, our program equips doulas with strategies to establish and grow a successful doula business.

Key Features of the Program:

  • Competency-Based Approach: Our program focuses on developing practical skills and knowledge.

  • Understanding True Physiological Birth: Doulas will gain an understanding of the natural processes involved in birth.

  • Addressing Reality and Polemics in the Birth World: We explore the challenges and controversies within the birth community.

  • Enhancing Birth and Postpartum Outcomes within the Medical System: Doulas will learn how to assist families in navigating the medical system to improve their birthing and postpartum experiences.

  • Supporting Breastfeeding: Doulas will acquire basic skills to provide guidance and support for breastfeeding.

  • Assisting Families during the Postpartum Journey: Doulas will learn ways to support families during the postpartum period.

  • Guidance with Doula Business Plan: Our program offers guidance and assistance in creating a solid business plan for doulas.

The cost of our training is $790, which covers the training program, guidance, and certification. There are no additional yearly membership fees associated with our training program. You will also have access to monthly educational circles.




Saturday, 9am-7pm


Learn everything about our program and HFD as an institution. 

Participants will learn the basics of childbirth and the postpartum period, with a focus on the doula's role. 


Sunday 9am-7pm


Learn the dynamics of the hospital system and the vital role doulas play within it. Participants will also learn the basics fundamentals of breastfeeding support and assisting families throughout the postpartum period. Additionally, our training equips doulas with the knowledge and guidance necessary to successfully launch and develop their own doula businesses.



How to Become Certified

1) Take our doula training class.

2) Complete a reading list of four books.

3) Experience witnessing five births and/or five postpartum families.

We will help you finding families to build experience and find yourself as a doula.


4) Attend a Childbirth Class.

Attending a childbirth class will allow doulas to take an inside look at the information parents are receiving in birthing classes.

5) Attend a Breastfeeding Class.

Participation in a breastfeeding class facilitates doulas in comprehensively grasping the instructional content disseminated to parents, thereby enabling them to adeptly apply practical, hands-on techniques conducive to fostering breastfeeding support.

6) Be a part of our doula circle meetings.

Our organization is committed to facilitating the professional growth of doulas through monthly educational meetings. While initial training lays a foundation, true expertise in doula care is cultivated through practical experience and continuous learning. Our meetings provide a structured platform for doulas to enhance their skills, fostering a nuanced understanding and receptivity to evolving practices in the field.

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