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A Different Impact


The HFD project started after I was a doula for a few years. I had the desire to impact my roots - I am originally from Brazil. I wanted to impact the birth world there the same way that it had impacted me here. That meant that I would need to train doulas there. In my pursuit for the certification to train doulas I became more familiar with the birth movement in Brazil and realized that there were already many amazing people shaking up the birth system in Brazil. So, I bottled up that desire and kept on going with my doula life here in the USA until I had my first doula experience in Brazil. It was mind blowing and intense. That experience fired up my desire by many degrees. Within the year I had taken the training to train doulas and became certified.

Here I was, ready to launch my project in Brazil @hfdoulasbrasil. I had the amazing help of a few special people and it was a life changing experience. There is just an amazing and powerful thing about women getting together with their hearts set on the same intention. It can be powerful.

However, that first training workshop experience brought to the surface something that I consider intriguing and that I have ignored for a while for not having the tools or power to change: the battle between the medical system and birth workers. The sensation of a battle there was an absolute reality for the birth workers, actually, it isn't just a battle, it is a war! Don't make me start about this battle. I am right there with birth workers. I believe in this fight. I am part of it. It is also a reality here, however much more subdue.I just have different fighting strategies compared to most.

That experience made that intriguing feeling become a very laud pitched scream in my ear. I knew exactly how I could make the difference in that battle. I could recruit new soldiers using the tools and strategies that I have seen working so many times... and that was when the HFD was born

and that was the main bases of the HFD idea: fighting the battle with the medical system through a different angle, causing a different impact.

I had the whole project in my head and tried to launch it a few times but a different type of view can be hard to be understood. Once I found someone that was open minded to what I had in mind - thanks to Karla Ricard - the project took off and here we are recruiting you to be part of this impacting project.

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