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A Different Impact


The HFD project came to fruition after several years of working as a doula. As a Brazilian native, I desired to make a positive impact on the birth world in my home country, just as it had influenced me during my time as a doula in the USA. This led me to the realization that training doulas in Brazil was necessary. While pursuing my certification to become a doula trainer, I became more acquainted with the birth movement in Brazil and discovered many remarkable individuals already challenging the existing birth system there.


Despite initially suppressing my desire, I eventually had a transformative doula experience in Brazil that reignited my passion even further. Within a year, I obtained the necessary training and certification to train doulas. This propelled me to launch the HFD project in Brazil under the name @hfdoulasbrasil, with the invaluable assistance of a few special individuals, resulting in a life-changing experience.

Witnessing the power that emerges when women unite with a shared intention is truly remarkable. However, the first training workshop brought to the surface an intriguing issue that I had overlooked due to a lack of tools or influence to effect change: the ongoing battle between the medical system and birth workers.


For birth workers in my home country, it is not merely a battle but an all-out war, and I stand alongside them, believing in and actively participating in this fight. While a similar reality exists in the USA, it is comparatively more subdued, and I have adopted different strategies in response. The intensity of that workshop experience transformed my intriguing observation into a resounding call to action. I recognized precisely how I could make a difference in this battle by recruiting new advocates and employing proven tools and strategies.


Thus, the concept of HFD was born—a project aimed at fighting the medical system's paradigm from a unique perspective, creating a distinct impact. Although I had the entire project meticulously planned in my mind, its launch proved challenging due to the difficulty of conveying a different viewpoint. Thankfully, I found an open-minded individual, Karla Ricard, who embraced my vision, and with her support, the project gained momentum. Now, we invite you to join us as we recruit passionate individuals to be part of this impactful project.

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