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The Hospital Friendly Doula training is a birth and a postpartum doula workshop that will prepare a doula to support families during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period while being familiar and respectful of the environment that the family has chosen to birth . This training is unique in the fact that it will prepare the new Doula to work harmoniously in the hospital setting while fully supporting the birthing family and helping them to feel safe and empowered at the place where nearly 99% of birthing families choose to birth. Our doulas will also be familiar with what to expect from the medical system during the postpartum period so they can guide families accordingly.

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It isn’t uncommon that doulas get a reputation of not being in the same side of the medical system. Our goal is to change that.
Statistically, chances are that doulas will have hospitals as their main place of work. Who doesn’t want to have a great relationship at their work place?
It is essential that a woman feels safe where they are birthing. Everyone wants to have a great experience at the place they choose to birth. HFD doulas are trained to faccilitate that.

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Being trained is one of the steps in becoming certified. A trained doula is able to attend births and take clients while finishing all the other requirements to become certified. This is a model of training followed by many doula organizations.

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A postpartum doula provides evidenced-based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care. Research shows that moms, dads, and babies have an easier time with the transition of bringing a baby home if a good support team is in place.

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Those are the steps that will give the doula the confidence to fully imerge herself in a successful doula career.
1) Take a doula training workshop.
2) Experience with birth and postpartum
3) Attend a Childbirth Class
4) Attend a Breastfeeding Class
5) Complete a reading list of four books.
6) Be part of our doula circle.

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Doulas will be learning basics of pregnancy, labor and postpartum, and how to support a family through that journey while building their own business. 

They will also learn how to be familiar and work in harmony with the medical system and help families to be confident not just because of the doula’s support but also from the access to evidence based information and connection with their instincts. 

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it It isn’t uncommon that doulas get a reputation of having strong opinions about the medical system, and different point of views. Our goal is to o train doulas to do apply strategies to such differences that will improve the experience of families.
Statistically, chances are that doulas will have the medical system involved directly or indirectly  involved with their care. Who doesn’t want to have a great relationship with the rest of the care team?
It is essential that families feels safe where they are birthing. Families wants to have a great experience . HFD doulas are trained to facilitate that.

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Yes! A hospital friendly doula is trained to facilitate the most of the natural process of birth in a place that isn’t familiar or even natural for birthing people. When labor is happening at a place that naturally facilitates that, the hospital friendly doula will be very familiar in respecting and helping the labor process to develop in a way that the body is designed to do so.

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Yes!  You will receive a certification of completion when finish the training. You will be able to attend births right the way while you are finishing the other requirements to become a certified doula.

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Yes! You can work as a birth doula or portpartum doula. In fact we will help you to build experience by giving you the opportunity to shadow births and/or support families during their postpartum experience as well as sending clients your way.

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