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Become a Fear Breaker and a Change Maker


                                                        Bringing Emotional Intelligence to the Birthing Environment and to Parenthood



The idea of this training started in 2015 when I became fascinated by the difference between the medical system in this country and in my home country, particularly in regards to birth. The goal was to create a training program that would promote harmony between the medical system and birth activists.

I began working towards becoming qualified to train doulas, and in 2018, I became certified and was able to offer trainings. With the experience of attending over half a thousand births, I gained the confidence to launch this project. I then went to my home country to establish our first training, and it was during this time that my passion for this endeavor was ignited.

There is something incredibly powerful about gathering a group of people with a genuine goal of pursuing a passion to effect change wherever they go. It was at this point that I realized our training could have a local impact. Following our successful training in Oakland, CA, USA, we felt established enough to start offering trainings throughout the entire country.


We understand that different locations have unique needs for birth professionals, and our doulas are trained to be adaptable. Moreover, we are excited about bringing diversity to our profession, making our training accessible to individuals from various cultures, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds, as well as offering it in multiple languages.

Our vision is to impact the birth world one training at a time, doula by doula. We aim to bring emotional intelligence to the birth environment and parenthood, creating a different and positive influence on the entire birth experience.



We envision continuity of care within childbirth because we value connection and have the mission of bringing harmony between doulas and the medical system.


Our vision is to ensure that all members of the birth team recognize the importance of every role involved in the birthing process.

The experience of having a baby revolves around oxytocin, the hormone that facilitates labor progression and is released when we hold a baby or feel cared for. However, love and emotional support are not commonly integrated into the medical team's role throughout the journey of childbirth. While medical professionals certainly carry out their work with care and dedication, there is no specific role dedicated to providing emotional support to the family during labor, except for doulas.

Doulas are there for the family! However, this does not diminish our vision of fostering a doula community that truly becomes an integral part of the birth team, not only from the perspective of the family but also from the standpoint of the medical team. Our goal is to create better outcomes for both births and family experiences. We believe that every family deserves this continuity of care and support.


We aim to equip professionals working with childbearing families with the necessary skills to become competent, entrepreneurial, ethical, and compassionate leaders who empower birthing families.


Our mission is to prepare professionals who bring harmony and emotional intelligence to the birth setting, particularly in the hospital environment. We strive to develop professionals with a down-to-earth approach, who are familiar with and confident in their support role. They understand how to navigate the medical system effectively while still preserving the unity of the birth team. Most importantly, they are dedicated to helping families feel empowered and heard throughout the birthing process.


It is not our mission to change the hospital system or to align ourselves with the medical system. Instead, our goal is to change how the medical system perceives doulas. We aspire to transform how families interact with the healthcare system because by doing so, they will also change how they approach birth, birthing individuals, and the challenges of new parenthood.


At the core of our values is the appreciation for human connection and emotional intelligence. Our aim is to reintroduce emotional intelligence, genuine connection, and love to the birthing experience. We strongly believe in the importance of physiological birth, and our foremost priority is to combine these elements in order to bring to the world of birth and postpartum what is lacking in our society: genuine care and compassion that foster a sense of belonging to a community.

By fulfilling this mission, we aspire to address the void that exists within the medical system regarding the holistic care of birthing individuals. We strive to bridge the gap and ensure that the emotional needs of individuals during the birthing process are met, thereby creating a transformative and fulfilling birth experience.


  • Birth and Postpartum training combined - because there is no birth without postpartum and vice and versa

  • Give Back - we give back to our community by offering free and low fee options to BIPOC and teenagers (16 to 19).

  • Down-to-earth approach - we teach about the reality of doula work with down-to-earth strategies to improve the birth world.

  • Interactiveness - smalls classes that naturally allow students to be participative

  • Guidance - we help students to have a vivid plan of their businesses

  • Continuity - our training doesn't end over a weekend. We pride ourselves for being accessible to our students long term while they establish their practice

  • No training expiration - there is no time limit for you to complete the certification process


She has love for universe of birth and she is eager to cause an impact creating change in the way birth support is viewed.


She has passion for the pursue of human kindness and emotional intelligence within the birth world in Brazil and in the world.

"The whole point of a woman-centered birth is the knowledge that a woman is the birth power source. She may need, and deserve, help, but in essence, she always had, currently has, and will have the power."

Heather McCue


1840 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley


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