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Scary Class

Being Informed Changes Statistics

Be prepared for what your doctor didn't prepare you.

If you are someone who seeks reassurance and values being well-informed before embarking on a significant experience, then this class is tailored for you. It is particularly beneficial for partners or supporting individuals who wish to participate on their own, even without the presence of the birthing person. By enrolling in this class, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and acquire the necessary knowledge to navigate the upcoming journey with confidence.

  • Inductions

  • Epidurals/Spinals

  • Vacuum

  • Forceps

  • Episiotomies

  • Csections


The aim of this class is to provide a straightforward and informative understanding of certain medical procedures commonly encountered in childbirth. While the occurrence of these procedures may not be as prevalent as some anticipate, it is important to be informed about them. Some individuals may find these topics daunting or prefer not to extensively research them due to the abundance of conflicting information available online. Therefore, the main objective of this class is to present the information in a clear, unbiased manner, devoid of emotions or persuasion.

Throughout the class, we will delve into the medical aspects of these procedures, including how they work, their associated risks and benefits, common scenarios in which they are offered, and a summary of evidence-based information. The focus will be on the protocols followed by local hospitals. The content will be delivered in simple language to ensure easy comprehension for individuals who may not be familiar with the birth world, empowering them to make informed decisions and potentially avoid unnecessary procedures.

Compared to my Childbirth Preparation class and many other childbirth classes available, this class offers more detailed coverage of these specific topics. It is conducted in a small group setting, accommodating up to eight couples. It is highly encouraged for the birthing person to bring their primary support person or either person can attend it on their own. Alternatively, this class can be arranged as a private session in the comfort of your own home with some cost variation.

Cost: $125 per couple
This class happens on the last Saturday of the month from 12:30pm to 4pm. We have a new class every month.
Ideally families would sign up from 35 weeks on.

There are no class in December

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