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Birth Is A Normal Physiological Process

Education and preparation are crucial for all types of births in our modern society, including unmedicated births, whether they occur at home or in a hospital setting. However, when home birth is chosen, there may be fewer educational resources available, allowing you to focus more on the birth itself. If you're seeking a comprehensive class that provides reliable information specifically related to home birth, then this is the perfect class for you.


Birth is a natural process that can also be a transformative family event, enabling the birthing person to connect with their body, baby, loved ones, and instincts. In this class, you will gain a true understanding of what to expect during the labor and postpartum process. The aim is to prepare families for embracing the incredible work their bodies will do and to empower them to trust their instincts. Additionally, loved ones will learn techniques to actively support the laboring person and participate fully in the experience.

We will also explore coping techniques to manage labor sensations and enhance comfort, as well as discuss various positions and coping strategies. This class equally emphasizes the importance of preparing loved ones to confidently assume the role of primary support during labor. Moreover, we will address what to anticipate during both the birth and postpartum periods, providing guidance on navigating this life transition.


This one-day class spans six hours and ensures small group sizes of two to three couples, with a maximum of five couples. One distinctive feature of this class is the option for 24/7 access to phone labor support during your labor, offering additional reassurance and guidance when needed.

Cost: $250 per couple
This class happens on the third Saturday of the month from 12:30 am to 6:30pm.
Please, aim to be between at least 32 weeks along on the day of the class.
We have a new class every month.

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