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Imagine being prepared for your birth by someone who not only supports births but also has firsthand experience navigating the intricacies of the medical system. With my expertise, I can help you feel confident and ready for your birthing journey. But that's not all. I also offer the unique advantage of being available to you during your labor and birth as an on-demand refresher.

Are you seeking a non-judgmental environment to embark on your journey into parenthood?


If so, you may be interested in our childbirth education classes. We understand that education and preparation play a crucial role in all types of births, whether it be unmedicated, at home or in a hospital, or even scheduled cesareans.

Our classes aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of birth, emphasizing the birthing person's control over their experience. We believe that birth is a moment of connection with your body, baby, loved ones, and instincts. Rather than prescribing a perfect way to birth, we empower families with knowledge and options, enabling them to make informed decisions based on what feels right for them.

During the classes, we will explore childbirth procedures and options from an emotional standpoint, focusing on empowering individuals to trust their instincts and combine them with the information provided. We will also practice techniques to cope with and improve labor discomfort, as well as help partners identify labor patterns and learn optimal positions and coping mechanisms.

In addition to labor and birth, we will discuss the realities of the postpartum period and provide guidance on navigating this transitional phase of life. Our goal is to prepare loved ones to be primary supporters, recognizing that while the presence of a doula can make a significant difference, some families prefer not to use one. This class equips partners with the skills and confidence to fulfill a similar supportive role.

The classes consist of four sessions, each lasting two hours. They can be conducted privately in your home or organized as a group with other pregnant friends for a fun and interactive experience. To ensure personalized attention, we limit class sizes to a maximum of five couples.

One of the unique aspects of our class is the option for 24/7 phone labor support. You will have access to guidance and assistance during labor, providing an additional layer of support when you need it most.

Join us in creating a nurturing and empowering environment as you prepare for the transformative journey of childbirth and parenthood.

Cost: $350
Dates: A new series starts every first Friday of the month which runs every Friday of the month, in a total of four weeks from 10am to 12pm.
Ideally families would sign up aiming to be between weeks 30 and 33 when the first class takes place.

    There are no classes in June, July and January.

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